Friday, August 7, 2009

Alignment Demotivational Poster

Alignment Demotivational Poster

alignment demotivational poster

good... bad... i'm the guy with the gun.

Demotivator description: Guy with the gun ;) Scene form some movie - guy is firing the gun at something / somebody. As I've just learned the guy in the picture is Ash from The Evil Dead movie trilogy. The very quote comes from the Army of Darkness - "Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun!". Thanks goes to arkham-alumni :) By the way this demotivator is reminding me (same sarcasm and gun fascination ;) ) uber funny machinima called Freeman's Mind - enjoy Episode 1 - the rest is on YouTube channel :)


Anonymous said...

This is from FOREVER ago, but I'd like to point out that the guy in the picture is Ash from The Evil Dead trilogy.

"Good? Bad? I'm the guy with the gun!" is actually a quote of his from the third film; Army of Darkness.

Daily Demotivators said...

Whoa, dude - you're right, thanks a lot :) I wonder why my friend who did watch all the Evil Dead movies didn't recognize this.

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