Tuesday, July 27, 2010

StarCraft 2 Demotivational Poster

StarCraft 2 Demotivational Poster

That ass was over a decade in the making

Demotivational poster description: Cool render of Nova Ghost Operative from StarCraft 2: Wings of Liberty game which was released today. By the way did you know that Nova was supposed to be redhead in Ghost? I would say that blonde version looks better ;) Despite of this cool-looking chick StarCraft 2 is highly overpriced game.

Joke of The Day:

A Crack Ghost squad breaks into a zerg hive. As they go towards the Hydralisk denr, a voice says:" Jesus is watching you." Thinking it was just the Hydralisk den, They ignored it. they then head for the mineral line. Just as they where about to kill a drone, they hear the voice again, saying: "Jesus is watching you." they looks around, and sees the Hatchery.Knowing that zerg buildings don't talk,they goe around the hatchery and find an overlord floating in the air.

"Was that you saying that?" they ask the Overlord.

"Yes, and Jesus is watching you." The overlord tells them.

"What's your name?"


"What kind of cerebrate name their Overlords Moses?"

"The same crerebrate that name their Ultralisks Jesus."


Anonymous said...

I agree this game is OVERPRICED.. where I live its sold for 400 dkk 70 usd and the collectors edition goes for 700 dkk roughly 120 usd.. absolute garbage Im not paying for their 10 years of making us wait.. Blizzard sucks they make good games but their service and company politics need a reform..

Daily Demotivators said...

Welcome to our blog my Danish friend :)

Anonymous said...

Too bad Overlords can't detect cloacked units anymore :(

Anyway, StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty WAS overpriced, the price went down, especially the international versions. Believe me I wouldn't pay the $100 they're asking for the Collector's Edition, but I payed about $35 for my StarCraft II and I think it is totally worth it, is not over-priced anymore and it is no overrated at all. It is a great game, probably the game of the year.

Anonymous said...

overpriced? if it was a game you'd play for a couple hours or weeks I'd say yes. People will still be playing SCII strong in 10 years time

Anonymous said...

10 years or not - it's still overpriced.

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