Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tacos Demotivational Poster

Tacos Demotivational Poster

tacos demotivational poster

say yes to them

Demotivational poster / demotivator description: Modified STOP road sign. On the sign there is caption say no to drugs say yes to tacos. Would you say yes to tacos after seeing such an advertisement? Or maybe you prefer burritos?

Demotivator related joke:

There were three guys, a Mexican, a black guy, and a white guy. They all worked on a sky scrapers and they ate their lunch on a beam high above. well one day they all sat down to eat their lunch and the white guy got to thinking and he said "you know, I'm getting sick of bologna and cheese sandwiches. if I open this lunch box and get a bologna and cheese sandwich again I'm going to jump of here." sure enough he opens it and there is a bologna and cheese sandwich, so he jumps off and dies. Then the black guy got to thinking and he said: "you know that white boy is right! I'm getting sick of fried chitlens, if i open this lunch pail and i get friend chitlens I'm jumping of this building." sure enough it was fried chitlens so he jumps of and dies! Then the Mexican says: "you know those guys are right. I'm sick of Tacos and refried beans, if I get tacos and refried beans again I'm jumping off this building." sure enough it was tacos and refried beans so he jumps off and dies!
A couple days later all the three widows are at the three mens funerals. Kelly, the white mans wife says: "I don't know what Jeff's problem was I've always made him bologna and cheese sandwiches and he loves them he never complained!" then Shanequa, the black mans wife says: "I don't know what Bubbas problem was he loved fried chitlens and I've always made them for him and he never complained" then Juanita, the Mexicans wife, says "yeah I don't know what Juans problem was he makes his own lunch!"


Anonymous said...

Yes! Can I receive tacos now?

Daily Demotivators said...

Hmmm... You have also to sing a song, post in on YouTube and leave a link to it here - then we will send You free tacos :D

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