Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Childhood Demotivational Poster

Childhood Demotivational Poster

a part of life that creates beautiful memories

Demotivational poster description: Frightened child in the arms of psycho rabbit. Or rather wererabbit - you know just like werewolf. For those of you who don't like using your imagination - it's an adult in rabbit-like creature costume :P The child for sure will remember this as a nice and net memory and won't have any mental issues in the future.

Joke of The Day:

Two werewolves and a vampire are sitting at a roadside. The werewolves are gnawing on rancid roadkill and making the vampire feel nauseous. The vampire spots a human in a suit and carrying a briefcase walking down the street.

"'Scuse me lads, goin' for a bite." The vampire rushes off and is about to attack the human when he turns back and sits down dejectedly by the werewolves.

"Why didn't you suck his blood?" the werewolves asked.

"He's a lawyer. Professional courtesy between bloodsuckers," the vampire answered. "Why not go eat him rather than that filthy rotted carcass?"

The werewolves shrug and trot over to the human. They take one sniff of him, then head back and continue to eat their carrion.

"That was fresh meat! Why'd you pass it up?" the vampire complains.

"He's going into politics," one wolf says, slurping a moldy kidney down his gullet.

The other werewolf burps, the stench of a length of bowel coming up with the belch. "Yeah, man. Some crap's too rotten for even US to eat..."

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