Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Facebook Demotivational Poster

Facebook Demotivational Poster

facebook demotivational poster

i just don't understand it.

Demotivational poster / demotivator description: A woman in the front of the computer. She is logged into Facebook account. She clicks "Become a fan" button and... Apparently she becomes fan ;) I mean REAL fan. Facebook - it's all about fans.

Joke of The Day:

You know you're addicted to Facebook when...

· You're one of the few people who actually use facebook chat.

· When something exciting happens you find yourself thinking about how you could use it as your facebook

update of the hour.

· You have several facebook friends that you've never actually met in person.

· Your profile has so many applications on it that it takes several minutes to load.

· You start doing things just so that you can later add them to your hobbies section.

· You only check your emails to see if you need to check facebook

· Facebook stalking is no longer considered sketchy.

You refer to facebook affectionately as FB

· You take pictures for the sole reason of tagging them on facebook.

· The word "poke" is no longer considered something physical to you

· Your dreams involve people writing messages on your wall.

· You know you're friends boyfriend is cheating on her before she knows

· You find yourself getting mad at other people for not having a facebook account. How can you ever be friends?

· You start sending your friends facebook messages instead of posting on their walls so other people can't see just how much you go on.

· You add facebook to your quick links computer toolbar, then delete it telling yourself you're going to stop visiting facebook often enough to need it, then give up and add it again, then delete it...

· You tell people to facebook you if they want to meet up with you somewhere because you know you'll see their message a few minutes after its posted.

· When someone writes on your wall, you purposely wait a few hours before replying to make it seem like you're not as addicted to facebook as you really are.

· You get upset when facebook is temporarily unavailable

· You randomly start talking to someone about the pictures on their facebook from 4 years ago or you make comments like "I see you added skiing to your interests".

· You have conversations with people through their message inboxes

8:34 you comment

8:39 they reply

8:40 you reply...etc

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