Friday, August 20, 2010

Romantic Sunsets Demotivational Poster

Romantic Sunsets Demotivational Poster

romantic sunsets demotivational poster

not for you.
for you - only rainy days.
and miserable loneliness.

Demotivational poster / demotivator description: Window-pane covered with raindrops. World outside is gray and sad. Just like your miserable and lonely life. Have fun.

Joke of The Day:

A New York city man complained to a commuter friend that he didn't know any women, and he was lonely "I'll tell you what to do, " the friend said. "This afternoon, take a New Haven railroad train to Greenwich, Connecticut. When you get there you'll see lots of attractive women waiting in their station wagons. Some of then will be disappointed because their husbands won't be on the train. The thing for you to do is to approach one of them, explain that you were expecting someone to meet you, and strike up a conversation."

That afternoon the city man went to the station and got on a New Haven train, but after it had started he discovered he'd taken one that didn't stop at Greenwich. It did stop at Stamford, though, and figured the same tactics would work there. Sure enough, at the Stamford station there was a beautiful woman in a station wagon looking forlorn because her husband hadn't shown up. The city man struck up a conversation with her. She was in a receptive mood, and invited him to her house for a cool drink.

An hour later her husband came home and showed irritation in his greeting to his wife. Then he turned on the man. "And as for you, " he stormed, "I told you to get off at Greenwich!"

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Yes, I went there, they are truly the best!

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