Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oh My God, They Have United! Demotivational Poster

Oh My God, They Have United! Demotivational Poster

oh my god, they have united! demotivational poster

run for the hills! we can hide inside bill gate's bomb shelter!

Demotivational poster description: Auditorium filled with Apple fans. All of them have their own Apple MacBook - it can be some kind of Apple fans convention. Steve Jobs would be pleased :P There is also an caption - iLegion for we are many - sounds scary. Now if you will excuse me, but I have to run to the Bill Gates bomb shelter... Before iPod, iPad, iMac, and other iApple stuff fanboys and fangirls will eat me alive. Why? Because I will write this - Apple products are overpriced. Period. I'm a PC. RUN! However friend of mine is " I'm a Mac "...

Joke of The Day:

Mac and PC had been bickering for so many years about who was better at what: so, they finally decided to have the greatest computer nerds of our time set up a gauntlet of a test, a grueling showdown to finally see who was more superior!

Who would get the most work done from a list in the time allotted was going to be a tight race for sure. PC with its massively upgraded hardware was so powerful you could feel the heat coming off it(even with a liquid cooling system); yes PC would be a hard opponent to beat no doubt. Mac with it's smart streamlined interface, logically laid out, stable OS, and of course the good looks as well looked almost out of place in such a grueling test of speed, endurance, and usability.

The race began with a flurry of noisy key hits(from the old windows keyboard of course)
The PC was almost ahead with its incredibly fast hardware and Mac was just keeping up with its intuitive software taking most of the guesswork out the tasks confronted.

They Typed Documents
they wrote and sent emails
they sent emails with attachments
they downloaded files
they produced movies
they wrote music pieces
they created photo albums
they put together a family tree
they built a slide presentation

Mac worked with incredibly smooth efficiency smiling as he went: while PC, with a set frown and jaw, worked through everything(including multiple error messages) with blazing fast speed.

Just before their time was up lightning flashed in the sky, rain started pouring down, and the noise of thunder shook the building as the power suddenly died.

PC screamed a string of curse words, and banged his head on the monitor.

Mac just sighed, inwardly wishing PC would be quiet and quit ruining the well timed break they were forced into.

finally, the power came back on. PC started searching frantically, screaming: "AW %$#@ NO! IT'S GONE! ALL GONE! NNNNNOOOOOO!!!!!

Meanwhile Mac was quietly printing out all of his work from the test...

PC became very, very, irate when he witnessed this. He shouted: "WHAT THE $%#@! HOW DID YOU GET YOUR WORK BACK?!?! THAT'S NOT FAIR! YOU CHEATED!".

Mac Calmly Replied: "Oh didn't you know? We invented a Time Machine for situations like this."


Anonymous said...

What a bunch of losers...

Anonymous said...

System Restore, autosave, and the fact that a power outage does not cause you to loose any saved data, unless it fried something, in which case time machine would be useless. Stupid Apple fanboys need to stop bitching about their decent operating systems. they are no better than PCs at basic things. I don't want to start a pointless argument with you slow idiots, so I won't go past basic things. Jesus, why the hell are we even arguing over this? nerds.

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